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Welcome to the Serenity Warriors network!!!  I'm Cynthia Soszka, the creator of this network, and I hope you'll find this group to be a great resource for you and your family.

If you've ever felt disheartened when you look around and see what the world has become these days, then this is the place for you.

What if it could be different? What if we could all live in a world where we are connected to each other and the Earth in ways we've only dreamed about.

What if those connections brought you such an immense amount of love that you were overflowing with joy and showered others with love just because it brought you more joy?

I know this world is possible, and it's up to US to create.

ğŸŒŽ One person
💚 Making one decision at a time
ğŸŒŽ Aware of the effects of their choices
💚 Choosing love.

We don't have to choose convenience over the future of our children anymore. We're waking up and seeing that there is a better way. If we all focus on solutions together there is nothing that we can't accomplish for US. 💖💖💖

Why Join Us?

This group is for Earth lovers who want to cultivate serenity & joy daily, while changing the world! 


This is a place to share ideas about how live a sustainable life and how best to educate our others on ALL THE THINGS, but mostly:

💚 Cultivating serenity

ğŸŒŽ Sustainable practices

💚 Following joy

I hope that you will find your community here and help become part of the solution. 

A Big Thanks

If you've decided to join us, thank you so much for making a fabulous decision! 

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